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Projects Eligible for Donations

The Kenneth M Molson Foundation will consider proposals for projects aimed at the promotion and development of:
• Aeronautical engineering education and research, aviation history, and aviation libraries
• Wildlife research, conservation and habitat

Donations will be made to eligible charitable and educational organizations in Canada. Donations will not be made to individuals.

The Foundation provides donations for ‘projects' - not continuing ‘programs.' Donations are normally awarded for one year, with possible extensions depending on demonstrated satisfactory progress. Donations are made to institutions on the assumption that all of the donation funds will be expended on the approved project. It is expected that indirect costs related to the project will be provided by the Institution.

Enquiries regarding project suitability and funding information can be directed to the Foundation by mail at the address below.

Application Procedure

The Foundation requires the following information in the applications:

(i) Cover letter on the letterhead of the organization, containing name, address, telephone number, email address, and contact person. Without this no award will be made.
(ii) A brief description of the organization's background, objectives, and activities
(iii) A brief description of the project for which funding is requested (objective, methodology, anticipated outcome, impact)
(iv) Names and expertise of individuals working on the project
(v) A detailed budget and sources of additional funding for the proposed project
(vi) In the case of an application for extension, a progress report on accomplishments is also required

For first applications, the total length of the application must be kept to a maximum of four pages (not including the cover letter). For extension requests, a 2-page progress report is also required.

Submission of Applications

Applications must be submitted by email only to and must be received before September 30th.